Friday, September 30, 2011

Just when I get used to things…

There I go again, switching up the ol blog for the umpteenth time. I must say, I miss Juneau being in the header already. You’ll also find the new subject tabs to the right instead of at the top. I don’t know how I feel about it yet. The header is getting tweaked more…actually everything is still in tweak mode. Now that I’ve changed it, I can’t really go back which stinks, because I wish I could compare the two and see which one I liked better.

The very fact that I’m tweaking the blog is a good thing! I let myself have a break today for the afternoon because it’s been DVD after DVD and editing all night long for the past two weeks. I’ve gotten little to none sleep because I’m stressed out about getting photos back to people. I cannot stress how ridiculously long it takes to sort and edit these things. A finished DVD is always reason to celebrate. 


Charley even got off work early today so we were able to get in some much needed date time. We had a late lunch/early dinner at Caviar & Bananas on George St. here in Charleston. I had a grilled steak/ goat cheese Panini of epic amazingness. I nearly died it was so good. Charley got a meatloaf cupcake…no really…it was meatloaf baked in a muffin wrapper with mashed potatoes for the frosting. I took Juneau for her run, and then Charley and I escaped to the beach and watched the sun set in the 70 degree breeze. I was even able to tackle the mountains of folding that I’d put off.

I have so many things to work on, that I probably shouldn’t have abandoned work entirely, but MAN did it feel good!

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