Tuesday, May 11, 2010

so that tree painting...

I painted over the tree painting (earlier post). I had stared at it long enough to decide that I wasnt a fan of the direction it was headed. I had an idea for a "cloud study" of sorts for a while, so I started that in our little dark bedroom upstairs. I used a series of reference pictures for the clouds and I wanted the horizon/land to be somewhat like what you see when driving through Timmonsville SC. This picture is the base. In order to cover up my green trees so that they wouldn't show through the clouds, I picked a neutral grey for underneath. If you stand on an angle, you can still see the vertical lines in the finished painting. O'well.
This photo was taken in outside light and the photo below shows how it usually looks in our dark livingroom. The sky is a mix of cadmium blue and white blended in sections to acheive a unified color, although it looks rather blotchy from the pictures. You can see the difference between the base/unblended area underneath and the final coat on top.
Overall, I wasn't too thrilled about my final product because I wish I had planned the composistion a bit better. I wanted it to be like BOOM big happy glorious cloud when you looked at it...but I feel like you go..."hmm thats wierd. Is there a train down there? atomic bomb?"