Thursday, October 27, 2011

littered with critters

My computer is literally infested with critters. I’m trying to clean out old photos, and have furry issues. I don’t know why I take so many pictures of animals…well no actually I do, I love them. If there is something covered in fluff, I will take a picture of it. Three thousand pictures of it. Identical pictures of it. Then they sit in my hardrive, because really what does one do with all these animal pictures? National Geographic should hire me, I’m a proverbial nature stalker.


If you give a dog a cookie…

DSC_0313She’s going to want a glass of milk

and some rawhide

and  a skritch-scratch

and a walk

and then some water

and then a nap

and then a thrown ball….


Sometimes dogs can be so high maintenance. Sometimes it makes me wish she was a cat, but then I remember that cat’s make me sneeze. Even with all the extra work, Juneau is worth it (yes even when she eats the stick of butter of the counter or chews things she’s not supposed to…)

Even when she chews things essential to getting by everyday like…persay, hearing aids. Yes, you heard me right. My hearing aid had not been cutting on for several days so I stuck it on the desk. It had been doing a spontaneous shutting off every couple of days (often unbeknownst to me) so conversations usually ended in  a scrunched face and an old lady “EH?”. Then it died completely. I Anyways, mistake on stupid owners part, I left it on the desk by the computer instead of in it’s case. Curious Juneau sampled it with a crunch, and voila little itty bitty pieces of hearing aid on the floor for a very panicked owner. After recalling how to breath and getting my heart started again I examined the damage. I did my best to not be angry at Juneau and put her outside.


My hearing aid, demolished, no longer fixable. The crutch in which I get by everyday. Without it, I am merely walking in a fog. I hear muffles of conversations I can’t be a part of. I leave the water running because I can’t hear it running. I talk loudly, and make noises without knowing how obnoxious I am.

Last night Charley asked me what my gmail account password was (he was setting up something for me).

I answered, “ yes, you closed the door.”

My worst fear of being without them, was not being able to hear the kids I nanny. Watching kids puts me in super alert mode, anything can happen, so being dulled of a sense feels alarming.

On Monday we went grocery shopping, the two year old and I. I have no idea what the cashier said to me, I just smiled and nodded. When the 2 year old had a tantrum about me not buying enough bananas (this I heard quite well) I could do nothing to answer people working in the store. I think  they were trying to make him feel better. I only hope they weren’t mouthing “ oh my goodness just give him the freaking banana”. We survived the day thank goodness.

And you know what, God provides. He not only provided an immediate solution, he also provided peace. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to admit to my husband that Juneau crunched a very expensive and important bitty machine. I felt stressed out about fumbling through the next few days without hearing. I prayed. He answers. I’ll swear by it.

I somehow managed to shoot a bridal portrait session without being horribly to awkward. I was able to get an appointment four days later and was fitted with a loaner hearing aid. The hearing aids were able to be ordered at an extremely discounted rate. My wonderful parents are helping us take care of them. I will hopefully get brand new, working, uncracked hearing aids in two weeks(ish). Best of all, Charley has not killed the dog or “accidentally” left her on the street corner somewhere. All of these things: God.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

friends and wolves

Squap, zippo, zilch got done this weekend as far as work or cleaning goes. Totally worth it though thanks to a friend and family crammed schedule. I haven’t really met a whole lot of people in Charleston, which is why seeing the one’s I miss is such a blessing. There’s nothing like filling up the ol’ quality time meter.

On Friday I headed to Columbia and caught lunch with mom, shot a bride at 701 Whaley and came back for dinner with Mom and Dad.

Cleaned the shed with my mother-in-law Saturday morning, then painted a porch with my Dad and brother.

THEN got to see almost all of my best girl friends: Anne, Rebecca and Courtney. Slept over with Anne and had coffee with her in the morning. Then headed back to Charleston to see Emily swing into town on Sunday.

THEN after she left we got a text letting us know that the sea wolf mutiny was a 100 yards from our house playing for the night…so then we walked down and got to see even more friends! I took some pretty lousy pictures because I was super lazy and it was dark. The show was awesome even though they only got to play a few songs.


10 Inspiring Artists


SNEDKER studio

Emily Barletta

Untitled (10)Untitled (Mountain 3)


Hilary Faye



ALBERTO SEVESO: ink in water



Dear Photograph,It’s still exciting to go pumpkin picking. Happy Autumn!PamDear Photograph,Now that we live in Grandma’s house, when we sit at the table, we can still feel her glow. I’d love to pull up a chair for her and share another piece of cake. ChuckDear Photograph,If only I could hop on my bike and pedal around town with my mom just for the day. That adventure would be priceless!SarahDear Photograph,Seasons come and go, even the walnut tree is a ghost. Yet the old farmhouse endures, and we are glad to be its stewards.T. and E.


Kathy Mccguire

Dwell II, 2011 <span class=bodytxt>Photo: Tessa Angus </span> (<a href=index.php?pid=40&nid=2&sid=2011&work_id=63>More information</a>)Evacuate, 2010 <span class=bodytxt>Photo: Jonty Wilde </span> (<a href=index.php?pid=40&nid=2&sid=2010&work_id=51>More information</a>)Evacuate, 2010 <span class=bodytxt>Photo: Jonty Wilde </span> (<a href=index.php?pid=40&nid=2&sid=2010&work_id=51>More information</a>)



(chart entitled “everyone I ever met and how” , awesome right!?)

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