Saturday, November 26, 2011

photoshop layers

I did this one night in photoshop a while ago. It’s a combo of a bunch of layers and some work with the Tablet. It looks like a lousy video game menu, but there was no purpose or direction in doing this except to learn. A few of the textures and ink splots are mine, but a few of them came from freebies on the internet.


Way better than planking … fake equestrian


Well…it’s been another holiday on the road, and can we say thank goodness for gas stations with amazingly lush fields next to them. On my way back from Columbia I couldn’t help but to take a picture of this green lovely (since everything else is SC is kind of dry and crunchy looking right now). BUT what to do with such a wonderful field….oh I know…take awkward self timer photos! (Really fast, while hoping no one is looking, and drive away looking innocent).

And since it was thanksgiving and all.

here are a few things I’m grateful for at the moment:

1. Daddies (it’s his birthday today!)

2. Mommies (who made thanksgiving dinner)

3. Brothers (we’ll throw them in so they don’t get left out)

4. friends

5. friends

6. socks

7. electric blankets

8. non-rambunctious dog to come home too (this is more in my imagination).

9. patient husbands (and yes numerically, he does come before socks and electric blankets in the ol rating of things).


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pet Gingerbreads

Charley made some gingerbread dough so we could use our new cookie cutters.





and Elle:


We realize this last one was a stretch, but she’s supposed to be in her usual swatting stance. It’s the squirrel cookie cutter minus the tail.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Colds are evil

Just a quick hi since I haven’t posted in a while. This week has been ….murky. I’ve been floating by in the hazy atmosphere that is cold. It stinks. I’ve been working 11 hour days and come home to messy kitchen sinks and a computer full of files to be editing. Since I have a sharing nature, I’ve spread my disease to the hubby and roommate (and probably a few others). It’s nice to know I’m to blame for such a widespread bundle of fun. My job seems to be a catalyst of pick-up-and-deposit germ transactions (from schools, playgrounds, little gyms, neighborhood kids, church outings and sports teams I’m getting the finest range of germ possibilities).

There's nothing quite like sleeping under a giant hedgehog to get better. And yes, that’s our clean unfolded laundry on the unmade bed. Deposited, forgotten and an extra bonus layer of warmth in our cold house. One day it will be remembered and placed in the drawers ( I can almost feel my folks shaking their head in disproval from here). For the record, the did raise me better than that, but sometimes you’ve just got to let stuff slide.

jhg8If I squint a little, the end is in sight. Or better yet: thanksgiving is next week, so apple pie and warm food are on the horizon. I crave prayer for productivity right now. I don’t know if that’s selfish or not…but if you could get crackin on that…really, a miracle might happen.

Might I add that huskies tend to get more annoying when you’re sick. Probably because I haven’t walked her in a few days, Juneau’s been more hyper than a squirrel on crack. When the rare circumstance of sleep actually hits, she starts pushing her toys under the covers, wooing and dancing.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

eight to date

you know…as in courtship…prospective marriage and etcetera.

1. loom rugs;

1964 Anatolian Vintage Rug 168 x 225cm

2. this bench;


3. this quilt

Equilateral Triangles Twin Quilt (MADE TO ORDER)

4. this many pocketed sunny mid century dresserVintage Paul McCobb Planner Group Dresser or Credenza

5. Salvaged letters s; e; E;

Large letter S , blue mid-century signVintage Mid Century Modern Bright Yellow Letter E - Sign SignageVintage Wooden Letter E - Salvaged Industrial Marquee Sign

6. this raw silk scarf 

7. awesome cabin/modern house


8. star wars nursery.


Friday, November 11, 2011

Dog Click

Today at the dog park, pretty much only malamutes and huskies came. It was like one big social click: artic dogs only. They played with each other really well. Sometimes Juneau will only play with other huskies at the park and I have yet to figure out why. Besides this herd in the video (and they are all owned by separate people) there are many more usual's at the dog park including two red and white huskies and one exactly like Juneau, a pair of silvers and an all white puppy. Needless to say, it’s a popular breed. Runner up is definitely pitt bull.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Birds



Self Timer <3

My wedding this past weekend was at the lovely Myrtle beach-front with a super fun group of people. I met the couple online as usual and showed up to find a close knit group of friends ready to have fun. This particular instance makes me smile because I am always the awkward friend who gets to do the self timer…friend pictures, family pictures, you name it… so I met this girl and was like, word, we are kindred spirits for this reason alone.

A saga of swiftness. A narrative of nuisances. The drama of overblown encouragement.

Can you make it on time? Will you trip? Will your winded breathless face show up in the shot? (most definitely).

Three cheers for running like an idiot to beat a timer

(although some of us will never be as cute as this chica in action!)