Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Art Loeb Trail, Pisgah Mountain


Last week I took a little day hike with a friend so we could find some fun photo shoot locations.  This little trail area is absolutely gorgeous and such a refresher to be up in the mountains again. There is a wide open ridge that overlooks everything and plenty of orange fall glory all around.


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I’m pretty sure a post like this should accompany some words, or possibly a recipe or two and some nicely laid out steps of how we made these muffins. In reality I didn't actually help bake, I sat on the counter and talked and took pictures and left the hard stuff to the pro (that would be Anne).  She is the best and I much enjoyed our rainy October catch up time.

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Conte Charcoal


I have been working on a drawing technique where you work from fuzzy to form and I’ve had  a lot of fun trying to get people to look like people. I’ve never been good with anatomy or proportions so this is a huge learning curve and I've put off getting better in this area. My friends have been loaning their faces so i can practice which is equally amusing. I’ve done a few sketches on newsprint each night to keep it going.



an earthy mix of Etsy finds for this fine Monday.  I think these would be fun in an entry where you could put a bold dark color on the wall like black or navy. The textiles and art remind me of cold winter nights and camping. I’ve been drooling over those iron wall bookshelf hooks for a while. They’d snazzy up an office or reading nook.


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