Tuesday, September 23, 2014



I have been having a blast mixing color and exploring how oils work. I let myself work on a bigger panel instead of the smaller sized ones I've been doing.I forget how much patience it takes just to cover the whole thing. I’m also learning that it’s hard to keep a pure white after your turpentine get’s muddied.  I spent a lot of time on a smaller canvas trying to figure out how to get more detail,I got so aggravated that I whipped out the bigger panel and just let myself play with the color for a little while. I definitely need to get some very tiny brushes for detail work. I have a large bright brush, a medium flat and a relatively large detail brush. I never expected to get hooked on the oils!

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Monday, September 8, 2014



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Over this past weekend, I got a message from a friend saying they needed a photographer asap. I decided I could be rather spontaneous and hauled on down to Myrtle Beach. This was such an unexpected blessing because I had a blast shooting again. Sometimes i forget that I like shooting. It’s almost like it hits me in waves. As a true introvert, people really do wear me out and I think that is why I grow weary. In fact I think it has kept me from pushing myself as a photographer and keeping up to date with new methods of shooting. I am grateful for seasons of rest and recuperation and I finally feel like beginning again. Starting fresh and challenging myself to shoot more often.

The super duper awesome part about this wedding was getting to stay overnight with a beach front hotel room. I got there just as the sun was going down, and it rained in the morning but the view was completely worth it.





I just got to visit the prettiest house full of art and books and yummy light. The real drooling moment however, was from walking up stairs to the study with the ceiling-to-floor bookshelves. This room had a wonderful lived in feeling with soft throws and rich old-world carpets but still managed to be light hearted and coastal.




(and running around with funny beagle dogs and taking photos of still life while visiting your family and sitting on porches and drinking coffee and watching the storm roll in) 

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