Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creative Baby announcements

Okay, so i don't plan on doing this anytime soon ( not at alll soon)...but one can plan! These are two creative cards that people sent as baby announcements.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Black and White Goodness

Remember when....

College, at one point was not disturbing. Classes were on easy subjects, and free time was ample. First years of college are full of outings, meeting people and pranks. Last years of college are full of real world. Work, Homework, Class, Work, homework, paper, progect, sleep. Sigh...just venting.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cloth Baskets

After staring at my knitting materials, i was inspired to make some of the cloth baskets I've seen on Etsy. They are suprizingly expensive to buy, but so easy to make. I have made them before for baby presents- a small one with a loop for the side of a crib. They hold toys and thing, but can be washed. I have had a hankering to do something with burlap for a while now. I purchased some a while back for 2.50 at Hobby Lobby. My goal was a coffee table basket that looked like this:

so I grabbed the scissors and got to work. 1.Step one was to create a template of coffee-bag-skew lettering on the computer. Cut the letters out and traced them on with sharpie. Since sharpie has a glossy effect, these will later be painted over.

2. I cut out four pieces of each part. Four of the burlap shape, four of the lining, and four of the interfacing ( a very stiff blend). I decided to go with 11 inches as the base. The shape of each piece is the width of the sides plus a triangle added to the bottom of the square (house shaped) that adds an extra 5.5 inches. I must say, Burlap SHEDS, it is not a comfortable fabric to run through the machine.
3.Sew the four burlap sides together. Sew the lining sides together after sewing in the interfacing (or ironing depending on the type). Inside out the burlap, so that the inside edges are in the inside part of the basket. Inside out the lining/stiff part and place inside. Fold both layers of the top inward to create a seam, pin, and sew. Pictures to come.


It's starting to get cold and the quiet peace of knitting something seems irresistible. Unfortunately, I am new at this...I keep doubling up on the loops and taking it out a billion times. It's a mess. Maybe one day I'll be able to shape little baby sweaters and hats, but for now...its lumpy scarves. Mrs. Weasley would be ashamed.