Monday, September 19, 2011

A family visit

This weekend the Hubby’s family came to visit. We took a walk to Hampton Park to show them the area. Charley even walked Juneau for a bit, which meant he allowed her to jump in the lake:


And my niece thought it was funny.


Isn’t she adorable? Then we fed the ducks.


Then we took some group photos, Juneau moved the camera on this one:


Then Juneau and I got busy crashing photos we weren’t supposed to be in.


Until Christine (my sister in law) decided to actually take my picture, which I I retreated.


Then we climbed trees. As a disclaimer, we actually are farther than two feet off the ground. I tried to point out that the point of taking a picture in a tree is to show that you’re up in a tree….but….fail for the photographers below. You’ll just have to take my word for it, we’re in this tree:


Juneau waited patiently for us to let her get the ducks again.


and to end, here is more of my ridiculously cute niece:


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