Friday, July 23, 2010

Charleston Food Show

The Charleston Food show is a gathering of vendors and cooks to share tips, products and taste food. This year the Executive Chef at Saluda's in Columbia was giving a demonstration on lamb. Charley went to assist in the demonstration, and I came along for free food to take pictures! The camp stove they were using to sear the lamb exploded during the presentation shooting it's metal cap into the air and knocking Blake's hat off. Needless to say it got everyone's attention. Other than that, it was a huge success and many people commented that it was the best lamb dish they had ever tried.
We later attended a mozzarella demonstration and got to taste hot just stretched mozzarella on cracker with apple chutney. Amazing. 
We also got to sample several fine cheeses. Ginger Root beer, fancy desserts, gourmet crackers and a whole lotta stuff. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Theme of the week: Asian Cuisine

My Darling makes the best sushi in the world :) Having watched him make it several times now, I thought "easy peasy, I can do that". Unfortunatly most times I think that, it goes horribly wrong. Like in this case I invited my friend over, couldn't find shishami grade tuna. Asked publix guy. He recommended the frozen stuff. DON'T ever ever ever ever eat frozen fish it sushi . Its gross, I know for a fact now. It's also a good idea to know what temperature to flash fry the sushi. Cooked nasty fish in sushi is extremely gross. 
Lesson Learned. On the plus side, I did discover that at Publix they have these Asian seasoning packages for general tso and other style chicken dishes. Exactly on my speed of cooking: just dump the seasoning with the liquids and add your chicken and rice. They taste just as good as takeout.Sun-Bird General Tso's Chicken Seasoning Mix (Packet)

Gray and Blue Living space

 The walls would be a pale grey with dark hardwood floors, white crown and trim molding. The chairs would be recovered in the fabric below (it's a little more subdued), not the one in the picture (ew sick). Here is a breakdown of the cost not including paint or tax:
$70.00 drape
$35.00 chair
$59.00 lamp
$100.00 block
$29.00 pillows
$999.00 sofa
$20.00 shelf
$20.00 frames
$399.00 table
$279.00 rug
TOTAL: $2,010.00