Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Phone calls

I used to hate talking on the phone. Now I love hearing from people enough to tolerate talking on the phone. It stinks that everyone is grown up now doing their own thing and moving away. Sure, we’re all easily connected by the internet, but it’s not quite the same.

Yesterday a friend called and the simple gesture made my day.  It’s so nice to just sit and do something without an agenda while connecting with someone you care about.

In a perfect world, my friends would all live on the same little mountain. We’d share our pictures by prints and in person. People could leave their comments verbally, and stuff happening in the news feed would be found simply by looking out the window or picking up a phone. No one would have to stalk each others profile to get to know who we were.

Just dreaming right? I know.

Since I don’t usually know what to do with myself on a phone, I usually doodle on stuff while I’m listening. If I don’t I usually end up doing something destructive like ripping paper or picking up things with my toes. Yesterday’s phone call resulted in some funny sketches of sleepy Juneau and her dog paws.


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