Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Walk

Today I just needed to get out of the house. The weather was a little too perfect and my eyes needed a break from the photoshop screen. My friend was finishing a paper, so I sketched a little in the grass outside the College of Charleston Library with her company. It’s a beautiful campus and the sight of all the students made me miss being in school the idea of school.



I hung my camera on a tree branch to try to take a picture of my new (horrible) haircut. They cut it about five inches too short and the ends were horribly butchered, uneven and blockish. I went back the next morning and a different girl fixed the choppy parts. I haven’t had hair this short since 4th grade and I really hate it…but in the end, it’s just hair.


It’s easy to look awkward with self portraits/wind/hanging camera:


Then I walked home and enjoyed the occasional site of a  porch cat or porch dog.


and I also sited these “frequent flyers” of dusk-time:


That’s right, BATS. horrible pictures of Bats Smile They are hard to photograph with only my 50mm. The D80 doesn’t handle ISO well at all so I had to keep it low. DSC_0729

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