Saturday, September 3, 2011

Indi Grits Festival


Many months ago I was invited to attend the Indi Grits Festival to take pictures. Guests pay a entry fee and can sample from local restaurants, each highlighting a summer dish. This years themes were slow foods and local. Columbia SC is part of the Go Local campaign that promotes natural foods from neighboring farms. You buy local, know what's in your product, and help small businesses flourish: I'd say it’s a win/win concept.

You can access local foods through the 701 Whaley farmers market every Saturday morning. The newly renovated old brick storehouse is filled with Columbia’s farmers, bakers and artisans.


Local restaurant owners get the 411 on fresh lettuce and a sample of course ground cornbread:


(Left) Local flour, local cream. Hushpuppies with butter and a pickled onion. (right) Greek Cous-cous dish being demonstrated.


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