Sunday, March 9, 2014



SEATTLE FRIENDVENTURE: People Perusing in Pikes

The second day of our darling weekend adventure (I miss you girls already *SOB), we headed into downtown.

The clouds in the sky continued their grey stereotypical Seattle fashion of squirting rain periodically. It’s quite lovely really, rainy weather is so beautiful. Granted, when I stepped off the plane back into Carolina's warm sweet sun, appreciation for hot bright days flooded back into me. Somewhat akin to an alligator, it is my primal need to be incubated in those rays to fill quota. Seattle however, was true to form, but the overcast weather provided more fairytale like ambience. There’s something about those deep greens and browns that come out in the rain.


With the lovely Caz as our tour guide for the day- we entered the bustling famous market known as pikes. Vendors line the sides and proclaim their wares (like this scene…but less arabic!). Actually it was more like the market in Charleston except more vegetables and flowers and less of the poopy horse smell (win-win!).


Speaking of smells, the first one to slap us in the nostrils was the mouth watering scent of hot doughnuts. SO like every other person falling into that trap of walking in the cold rain straight into the snare of friendly faces selling spongy warm dough glistening in sugar or sprinkles or who-knows-what fatty wonderfulness….we indulged.

 IMG_3552 IMG_3551IMG_3572

With sticky fingers wrapped around cups of jo to keep warm, we wandered aimlessly and carefree. I snapped pictures of strangers and people watched, because well, I’m a creep apparently. I love that everyone invested in coats and homespun sweaters. A lot of people were dressed in really earthy tones and most of all people just looked like sailors or characters out of books.

 IMG_3636 IMG_3554IMG_3556IMG_3559IMG_3558IMG_3561IMG_3598IMG_3599IMG_3567IMG_3568 IMG_3565IMG_3563IMG_3634IMG_3555IMG_3660IMG_3553IMG_3628 IMG_3626IMG_3608IMG_3587IMG_3589bIMG_3604IMG_3605IMG_3613

We took a little break at starbucks before heading to REI…because who would want to miss an awesome store with a rock climbing wall in the inside?

IMG_3658nnnIMG_3653IMG_3654IMG_3663IMG_3618IMG_3615IMG_3664 IMG_3665IMG_3549