Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kilm covers and a flea bath

Remember the other day when I posted about this?

Well my cool mother in law gave me these this past weekend. They’re super fun and colorful and made out of authentic camel saddlecloth ( I believe they are from Turkey).

Stare at the pillow on top- do you see the Juneau-dog-face with the two orange squares as the eyes? I can only see this now.


Speaking of Juneau, this is what she has to say about baths (which she psychically knows are coming):



“I’m not here”


Sorry Juneau, I had too. (It was a flea bath).

In other “annoy the dog” news: Juneau is offended by feet. Here is the classic, “don’t you dare put those near me!”


“oh I know you didn’t!!!”


and then she will make a noise until you remove them that sounds like “ rwow rwaou”. I don’t blame her, those are a pretty disgusting set of feet.

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