Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wild dunes resort

One of the fun things that we did when Charley’s family came down was sneek into the wild dunes resort where Charley works. I’d never even seen it before. Being a savvy photographer and all, I left my camera but I did steal some photos from my sister in law. Charley works in a large building and makes tiny plated desserts all day long and some wedding cakes on the weekends. People get married at wild dunes all the time, and I don’t blame them. It’s gorgeous.

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This is off the main pier behind one of the hotels:

the hubs


We haven't taken a picture together in a long time for some reason, so we thought it would be appropriate to catch up.


We didn’t walk on the beach because it was so cold and we were all wearing shoes, but we enjoyed chilling on the dock for a little while. My niece was all giggles- we think she liked the weather.



The back of the hotel and rental houses are back behind my mother in law. They even provide beach chairs and pretty green and white striped towels.


A potted hibiscus was a source of great joy for little Abby. It was not unlike the baby shredding paper video but with her ripping the flower apart and trying to eat the pollen.


We enjoyed a breezy early dinner on the docks at Reds seafood.

You can bring your dog Smile

This guy brought his Neapolitan Mastiff, the owner kind of looked like him too. He said that he didn’t move a whole lot and his excitement for the day was walking to and from the car. Really, all he needs is a pair of tusks and you’ve got a walrus.


I’m sure it was Fangs brother from Harry Potter, so yeah, I met a famous dog. booh yah.

Then I promptly went to wash my hands.

Ron Weasley and Fang, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)

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