Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Little Knits

ADORABLE! Hats and photo props made by this fabulous Etsy'er: I want one. Check out the shop hereChunky Wool (Olive) - sizes 12mos to 5T
 Little Lamb Hat (Organic Cotton) - size from 3mos to 5T (Featured in Real Simple Mag)The Little Chef - Newborn to 12 mos Photography Prop Hat
 and here are some great booties for a little man by Pink2blues : check them out here
The Benjamin in houndstooth wool baby shoe/bootie/slipper

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Introducing ::::::

DRUMROLL PLEASE...the one, the only Juneau (okay she's not the only Juneau out there, whatever). She's a purebred hererochromatic eyed husky lady with black and white markings...and she is currently asleep on my shoe. I am mush.

Her hobbies thus far include:
  1. being ridiculously cute
  2. howling with her little paws put together and her head thrown back. 
  3. prancing. No klutzy puppy feet here.
  4. eating puppy chow at lightening fast speed and then looking at us like we are starving her and gave her nothing at all.
  5. swimming in her water bowl, we're hoping she figures out that she doesn't fit
  6. biting. (not us thank goodness!) She is teething with her little wolfy teethies ( oh my! i'm typing baby-talk). She loves her little chew toy that we can hide treats inside of. It occupies her for hours. 
  7. playing with the hedgehog. Nope not the live one, the stuffed one. She already has fetch down and will bring it back. Not to mention (or brag) she comes when she's called and stays at our heels in the yard even if she's not on the leash!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

we're getting a puppy !

Let the countdown begin!!! four days from now we are getting a little husky girl with one blue eye and one brown. I am so stoked, this was Charley's birthday present to me....well actually..the remake of birthday present number one. 

Half a month ago, we adopted a dog named Kira. She was adorable, a husky-Australian shepherd mix. Unfortunately she was six years old and had a history (abused, left to her own). She bit to get her way and maintain her pack dominance. After a lot of thought and grief, we gave her back up, knowing that she needed a lot of work and a different home environment. So here we are: try two. 

Entirely the wrong dog, I took these pet photos for my mother in law the other day. This is her new Welsh Corgi pup named Anooshe.

photo by scruggers 

painter's block

Water-coloring isn't my favorite, i'll admit, too much oozing and thinking ahead. It is great though, for planning and ideas. I need to come up with a bright bold painting with lots of van gogh swirlys, light and reflections for a client. It will hang above a retro couch. I am lost for ideas however...completely not happy with the stuff i've though up so far. 

Arg....maybe I'll sit on the porch with some incense or something. 

Baby Shower Card