Sunday, September 25, 2011

Who wouldn’t want a giant hedgehog poster?

Well okay, it’s most likely not every ones cup of tea. The other day I received a coupon for art. com to get a 40% off print. I thought to myself, what would charley really appreciate a picture of for our room: Brunelleschi the beloved hedgehog of course. I did some hardcore photoshopping to edit out the food that was in the picture and then loaded it onto the website. It came in 3 days!

It’s eventually going to get a birch border IKEA frame, but for now we just stuck it up to enjoy. Actually I put it on the wall so he’d see it when he came home from work and it took him a while to notice it! How can you miss a 40x30 inch hedgehog poster on your wall?! Men!


Is it just me or is our room looking a little drab? all that grey, ill be working on that eventually. For now the hedgehog poster does  a good job of hiding where the shelf fell off the wall.  See:

Shelf (before) vs. Hedgehog (after)


Bruno BEFORE Photoshop magic:


Bruno AFTER Photoshop magic


We’re pretty sure it’s going to be the next big trend in décor. In fact I might write a book, “decorating with hedgehogs”.  Or perhaps just “Incorporating Animals in Everyday Style” where I can expound on my obsession with bones, leather, fur and our dog. I’d probably spend the rest of my life getting chased by PETA.

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  1. Just wanted to say I'm really enjoying your site. Great job. A lot of inspiration here. And thanks for the link to our site as well.

    pat @ bumfuzzle


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