Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sorry Bill Waterson

It all started when charley and I were dating and he’d write me little letters and put them in my locker. I wanted to recripocate the favor but hated writing letters, so I started drawing him little things.  I’ve always been a huge calvin and hobbes fan, and I felt like it was wrong to rip off something so directly…but  I did. I probably should have spent more time on them to give them a neat and tidy look, but honestly (sorry Charley) I was a little rushed between homework at the time. The watercolor that I laid on top caused everything to run (including that crazy looking uni-brow).


A little later after we got married I scribbled another in my sketchbook one night.

Charley and I were having this ongoing conversation about getting a cat. It involved me begging and him adamantly declining (he hates cats). It worked out in the end because he got me Juneau instead, but back when I was still in the cat convincing mode, I made him a little cartoon to continue the Calvin and Hobbes rip-off saga. Since I’d established in the first cartoon that I could draw things in on a whim, this one was to take that idea and let charley draw me a cat in the cartoon world. (it’s super sloppy and hard to read, sorry ).clip_image001clip_image002

(if you don’t get it…its supposed to be a jab on charley’s drawing skills. )

Then came fathers day, and I drew a little spoof on our family:

It’s a replica of the Anderson's living room (complete with a homage to Bill Waterson's quirky drawn lamps). Dad is reading (probibly a popular science) and mom’s got her coffee, I’m snuggling with purdy (because you all know I’m a little animal crazy) and my two brothers are hanging out all short like. We shouldn’t really be short but, it shows who the “kids” are I guess. That’s Jason with the saw, he likes to create, build and destroy things not horribly unlike the real Calvin.



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