Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Sometimes when I face the computer screen, I get caught up in the idea of “Why did I go down this road?  How did I end up shooting weddings? Why on earth would I do this to myself? The land of weddings is a realm for people with high organization and people skills…why am I anywhere near this field?” In fact I’ve caught myself thinking of the word “wedding” associating it with an aura of anxiety. It’s hard not to relate it to high stress, crazed moms, disarrayed bridal party, grumpy family members and unaccounted for surprises.

One of the answers is, I’m crazy.

The other answer suddenly dawned on me during this mornings shower.

The American wedding is one of the few things left in which we can indulge in arts and crafts. It’s not just a party, it’s a collaboration of the arts. Everything else in our era is commonplace, practical and computer focused.

In the renaissance, art was at it’s peak of influence and value. Skilled artisans were more important than todays big celebrity's.


{image source}

Social gatherings such as the venetian masquerade were a way to display art (and great art= great richs= great power).

{image source}

{image source}

….or think of the regency era and their love for a party with it’s attendees being women who’s value was placed in how well they sang, stitched and drew…

A modern wedding still incorporates crafted details, a handsomely baked cake, a skilled musician, dance, a painted picture (photography) and a crafting of prose (vows). How often do you get to incorporate these at your job and your home in a modern setting? A wedding gives people the excuse to go “all out” on visual terms: to create a feast for the eyes.


{stationary{succulent bouquet}

{Winter wedding}

So my conclusion is that wherever society takes us as far as computers and technology goes, there is still a human tendency towards arts and crafts. we like to create things, with our hands. We like to indulge in beauty. I think that search for beauty in history has been shown through man’s pride for his own image- we are constantly looking for ways to make ourselves better. but there is also a good thing in seeking beauty: appreciation for God’s work. The desire of beauty is not a sinful thing: we are made to appreciate it and long for it. 

In short, I’m not drawn to chaos, I’m just a sucker for pretty things.

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