Sunday, September 8, 2013

Get Yo Nerd On

Allow me to summarize awesomeness:

  1. switching out that button up work clothes for some medieval garb, leather shoes, painted shields
  2. overnight camping
  3. fire and stars
  4. best friends/ new friends/ all around swell group of people from all across the east coast.
  5. hitting people with foam weapons
  6. a campsite with actual bathrooms
  7. a pet pig named dolly
  8. Fire dancing and live steel demonstration
  9. bbq feast
  10. dance party

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The NOSE to TAIL : family style dinner at City Root’s farm

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Culinary Team from right to left: Kristian Niemi (Rosso & Bourbon), Travis Rayle (Rosso), and Charley Scruggs (Oak Table). The servers from Oak: Kelsey,

Pork from Heritage Farms.


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