Thursday, November 20, 2014



Perhaps because it feels so cold and foggy, I’ve been enjoying South Carolina Native’s Danna Ray’s rustic paintings inspired from the natural world. I particularly love the frosty mist and muted colors of the pieces below. It’s inspiring me to study those muted neutrals. I love the calm atmosphere a well mixed grey can give, especially as the warm and cool undertones play against each other. Here work can be found here and her etsy shop is Here.


Foggy Trail - limited edition art print of original paintingAround the Fire - limited edition art print from original painting



Every now and again you come across an artist who is just unbelievably talented and you need to sit and stare at the work to appreciate it. Artist Michelle Morin has her prints available in her etsy shop : UNITED THREAD. I seriously just love all of them. Her watercolors are meticulously layered and thoughtful with playful strokes. She mixes colors and patterns and textures and the end product is a busy but unified piece that begs you to study the details. Seriously, go ogle.


Sparrows at Night - Archival Print