Sunday, August 24, 2014



A long time ago I drew on my arm at work, a little bunny sitting on the moon and watching the stars. I had just rescued baxter, so bunnies were on the brain. I don’t know why I was so drawn to the idea of my little grey bunny but I knew I needed to sketch it out for real and it still gives me warm fuzzies even if it doesn’t make much sense. Note taken, I don’t usually draw on my arm, but sometimes you get an idea and that’s what happened to be handy.



image image imageimage


Earthy tones are definitly my favorite. I was mixing some colors around in my pan and was pretty struck by how a muted blue green looked with a pale lavender. I think I am anxious for fall to because I needed some bright golden grass in there as well. Please  don’t judge me for me for the state of desk.






I have this weird thing where I actually enjoy sweating in the hot sun ( to an extent). Friday I plopped my blanket in the grasses, got out the smelly oil paint and did two  of the clouds right at noon. Several hundred ant bites ( okay not thaaat many), two glasses of water, and a accidental blue smear of paint across my face, I was ready for these to dry. I really enjoy taking a break from my desk and enjoying the outdoors. I forget to sometimes.



Tuesday, August 19, 2014



She’s a bullet in the gun just waiting to be fired, a giant clean ready to go canvas. I usually only make one giant one at a time, so I take my time thinking about what to put on it. Had I  more space, I’d love to have more going, because painting big is so much more fun. I’ve sort of almost kind of but not really narrowed down what will be on this one. I could change my mind several times before I get there because I have commissions to fulfill before I can start this one.

I also inadvertently fitted most of my favorite things into one picture: 1. my bed (sleeping). 2. plants 3. Celtic stuff (the pillows have knotwork on them). 4. my favorite colors, white and green 5. my pup, in the little print to the left. 6. books 7. blank canvases.




It’s not finished yet but I wanted to go ahead and post my little rider. My obsession with horse and rider continues…and spotty colored horses. Everyone’s go their thing right? Also this cotton rag is from the most amazing store on earth, Charleston Artist Supply Company. I am so sad that I no longer have access to it bc I’m sorely wishing I had about 600 pieces more of this lovely grey paper. It’s silky and takes ink, paint and charcoal like a dream. I feel super fancy drawing on it.







Wednesday, August 13, 2014

BABY SHOWER: Carolina peach


When your friend is having her first, it’s KINDA  a BIG DEAL. We wanted to throw her a really special party, and let’s face it, no one is Martha Stewart over here. However together, I feel like our friend group covers all of the gaps of : organizer, motivator, entertainer, documenter, chef, decorator. (Anne  pointed this out, and we all nodded) [(go team, go!)]. We felt pretty blessed to have a friend with such a pretty house to borrow for a little while.

So we gathered,

in celebration of babies, birth and family, and a sweet lady named Rae whom I am grateful to call my friend. (She’s kind of the cutest baby bump I’ve ever seen.) ((she’s also going to be an awesome-socks mamma)

A house full of women is an entirely unique noise, especially one’s cooing over baby shoes. It’s a babbling brook crescendo of soft murmurs and delighted laughter. In that comforting noise, wisdom was passed, encouragement given and a very unified moment in which we all beam because there will be another woman among us soon. She will be tiny and fiercely loved and have quite a few adopted aunts.


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