Sunday, May 29, 2011

Poor Juneau

We did this to her a long time ago, I just happened to find the picture this evening. She actually didn’t seem to mind TOO much. What she will mind is her new living conditions. She has a nice huge yard to run in right now, and will be downgrading to a two foot patch of grass and some bricks. She’s young and will learn to adjust we hope, but it doesn’t stop me from worrying about her. Fortunately we will be within walking distance to a park but I will have to walk her religiously or we’ll both go crazy. Charleston doesn’t really cater to dogs actually, there isn’t a dog park with a fence. We’re hoping she’ll tone down that super excitedness when she sees people because…she’s going to be seeing a lot of people.


And speaking of long lost photo files, I also found this picture …tee hee. The little booger takes his job seriously.


Online Garage Sale Part II



Kodak pocket guide to photography= $2    Best question Ever= $3   Living your strengths hardback $4    60’s marriage=free


Flannery O connor= $5                       Remains of the day= $2                  Brave new world= $3               Parfait Dish $ 2


OLD AND EMBARRASING ART 18x24 oil and oil pastels on canvas (I think these are from middle school haha!)

pony with teal edges (for alittle girl????) and forest on fire



18 Yards of light green upholstery fabric with woven red, teal and pink spots. Great fabric for a little girls room!



10 yard wedding aisle runner with brown carpet pad attached. Just unroll. I’s a Very rich green (I used flash in this photo and it looks yellow). Velvet Brocade.



It’s mess up your hair day


Online Garage Sale


It’s got to go!

Please leave a message in “comments” to secure Item. If I know you, you can pick it up. If I don’t know you…. we’ll work something out. If the item title is in RED then it has been claimed. If there is more than one person intrested, I will give the item to the highest bidder. Smile

The “Yellow Beast” Chair



Pair of butter yellow window curtains (tab top) $2


Four Shaving Kits (brand new): included shaving lather soap. Old Timey lather brush and stand, Wooden soap dish. Soap smells are unscented Olive Oil and Bay Rum. $7 a piece. Great as groomsmen gifts or a gift for Dad !


Water Color and Red Charcoal and Ink Original by Scruggers




Two prints by Van Gough (8x10s)

$2 a.p.


Mermaid Print 8x10, Puerto Rican Star Bucks : Free



10x10 pen and ink cartoon by Scruggers

“Gus the Grumpy One” Heavy watercolor paper. $5


I used to call this my “Rivendell”  lamp $5

River Rocks=Free


Glass Mugs (2) $1

Blue throw blankets $2 a piece


Yellow Orange Rag rug 3x5 FREE


Nine West shoes size 8. Never worn




5x7 orange/brown toned rag rug



  1. Un-used bottle of Seacret body lotion (you know from those people in the mall). I was given this as a gift but I’m allergic to it.
  2. Black Necklace




Poster print and frame of Parisian walkers.





Various Shirts: Free





A Sea Wolf 11 x 14 Water Color




Books I spent a fortune on in college: free

 (strongest concordance is $15)


I will be adding to this, so check again later. Once an Item is taken, it will be marked.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Texture, Form, Repetition

I was just recently browsing art and I came across the mind blowing art of Tara Donovan.

There were oooohs

there were aaaaahhhs

there was drooling.

This is some seriously eye pleasing work! It’s based on a meticulous placement of unexpected object working together in repetition amounting to her organic billowing forms. The three dimensional work can be admired from afar or up close in discoveries of the unique textures that objects have when grouped together. I couldn’t help but to not share:

(for fun you should guess what these are before you view her website)