Sunday, January 17, 2010

the Wedding is OVER ! Hallelujah!

Therefore I will attemt to blog the decoration ideas.

Michaels had their after christmas clearance out, and they had these wonderful frosted birch branches for $2.00 a bundle. They had wierd green sequens sewn through them, but they were ripped out. Also they came rather squashed together, so they had to be carefully unwoven. They were a little broken afterwards but decent enough for use. These went in the tall borrowed maestro vases that went on the food tables.
We had six tables on either side of the room. On each was a white table cloth. A little bunch of green fabric and then a big glass vase filled with what we'll call "various foliage". Underneath were mixmatched antique silver trays or mirrors. I spent the week before filling the vases and then packing them up so they could be put on the table as is. Mostly I stole from the backyard (and possibly the neighbors tree that had conveniently grown into our yard). There was an assortment of branches, pinecones, green wheat, a waxy evergreen, dried flowers and berries.
 And here are some pictures from the day itself:

My Bouquet was done by Magnolia Designs