Friday, March 30, 2012

Failed New Rules


So on the ride back from getting our sofa I said to Charley:

“ and you know what, this time around, no Juneau on the couch.”

This morning I woke up and Juneau went straight for it, pushed over the soft squishy pillow and grabbed a munchychip out of the bucket. One look at that  couch and she was like  “ oh thanks, yall got me a new doggy bed”. She looked so doggone comfortable that I didn’t have the heart to push her off.

Do you let your pets on the furniture? I just love cuddling with Juneau on the couch…even though it’s bad dog training apparently.


Thursday, March 29, 2012

The New Couch

More angles than you need or really care about, but here she is : Sally Sofa

Charley and I  woke up at the butt-crack of dawn to pick er up. The couple who sold it to us was amazingly friendly AND they had a puppy which made the 37 minute drive worth it. I can’t say craigslist is always wonderful between the scams and scary people out there, but we’ve had such good luck with it. We’ve found both our jobs and our apartment through it and now our sofa! We’re very careful about not giving personal information out while we’re searching and using our good judgment when it comes to meeting people.

We pulled in, extremely nervous that we wouldn’t like it in person (since we shelled out a little to rent a truck). They said it would need to be cleaned but it’s not that dirty at all. We might get it cleaned eventually but it’s got no funky smells and  is almost spotless. We’re happy campers.  It also met my husbands approval when he sat down and said “holy crap you picked out a couch that’s comfortable!”.  I guess I tend to like things that look awesome but feel terrible.

It’s covered in cotton linen and we’re not sure of the make but the guy said he bought it for $800 bucks and we walked away with it for $75.


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

love, craigslist

I’m so excited that we are picking up a new couch tomorrow morning thanks to craigslist. I’m a craigslist stalker of furniture. I have an Ap that makes it even easier to use and super addicting. This couch got major score points because it doesn’t have round arms and is decently clean, oh and was 75 bucks! We are ready to let our curbside find go back out to the curb. It was great for the time being but it never quite lost it’s ol cat pee smell and we’ll be grateful for a couch without holes covered by ductape. I’m all for gently used furniture too since it’s already broken in. Welcome home little sofa! I can see you nestled with some mid century chairs and a husky.

image 1

Thursday, March 22, 2012

a beruffled brain

1.  Moths are freakier than I remembered. I’ve spent some quality time with them since they’ve started appearing in our house. Little fuzzy feelers, unnatural fluttering. little batty bugs, but at least it’s not a roa-   -  nevermind, I don’t say that vile word on my blog.

2. We have moths, because we have free flowing sea air coming through the apartment. It’s been sunny and warm and we’re hoping it will help out the utility bill to leave our windows open. It also helps us catch those soap-opera-esque tidbits of conversation from our neighbors. What can I say, our internet has been on and off and we’re running out of entertainment.

3. Speaking of, I'm not sure I could survive long without the internet. I always thought I was more cut out for the medieval ages but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have made it. ( I especially doubt my immunes system vs. the plague).  My non self imposed fast from the internet has put me behind in terms of correspondence. Oops.  I’m watching the clock since comcast says it will be back on at 4am.

4. Just kidding! I wouldn’t stay up to four am just for the internet to come back on! Intentionally!  I would however stay up unintentionally  as my mind whirls and my eyes twitch and every fiber of my being says “Sarah, go to sleep, go to sleep”. Yep, insomnia, my dear old friend. Like a good zombie, I can stay awake through both Tylenol PM and Ambien.  

5. It’s been a crazy week. Do to some unfortunate circumstances, I’ve had to fill in plenty of extra days in nanny land. That means working everyday from 6am to 8pm. I’m exhausted, more emotionally than anything, and today I accidentally slept till 2pm. That also means my conversations have been limited to beings under four feet tall and it’s starting to show. I’m literally starting to only react to candy bribes and kittens.

6. When I’m tired, I get cranky. When I’m hungry, I get cranky. Remembering these two things would have saved me from many an arguments and disgruntled moment this week, but for some reason I always forget.

7. Charley and I have been thinking through some big decisions like where to live next. Our roommate is leaving us so he can move out of state and our lease will be over soon. It leaves us stuck in a very expensive city trying to find a place for our dog. The more we look, the more discouraged we’ve gotten as we’ve seen house after house that’s out of our price range and no dogs allowed. We even considered buying a house and settling here for a while but ultimately we are undecided. I am discouraged because I miss my friends and family  and want to return to where I can seek fellowship with them. Many people have said ‘well make new friends” but I have yet to meet people who are looking for lasting friendship here.

It’s been important for me to remember that this seems like a big decision, but it’s not the end of the world. We’ll figure something out and go with it. Until then we await our journey, hence the little doodle, cept we don’t look as epic. I’d still like to think that we part of a grand adventure that will unfold in it’s due time.