Friday, June 14, 2013

Savannah by the lake


This past weekend I had the privilege of shooting a gorgeous lakeside wedding with a super-in-love breathtakingly lovely couple. Their friends were gathered, the weather was perfect and the setting: a mossy-oak-tree filled house with a pool and dock overlooking the marshy south.

The best part  was having help from my friend Danny, whom without I would have crashed and burned. This is the first wedding I’ve done in over 6 months and my intuition was rusty. Danny sweetly backed up cards, carried everything, brought water and was just all around awesome-socks. Some of these beautiful pictures are his creation.

reception8Marklegr-33  Marklegr-34Marklegr-131jh9Marklegr-138preveiw2 detail2Marklegr-118yall2yall5 yall3yall6preview4groomsmen1preview1ceremony ceremony2 ceremony6ceremony5 ceremony4groomsmen4IMG_9360reception12 reception14reception11reception7IMG_9379reception10bIMG_6858IMG_6875IMG_6871 IMG_6963bIMG_6969IMG_6971IMG_6988IMG_6904b IMG_689848IMG_7035IMG_7038b