Thanks so much for your interest in my commission work!  The wait time on commissioned pieces is about 8-10 weeks.  Commissions are more than the price of my regular paintings due to the extra time that goes into making sure you, the client, are totally happy with the piece.   Here is a list of my sizes and prices for commissions. Prices do not include shipping:


ACRYLIC on Stretched canvas work
10x10 - $150
9x12  - $150
11x14 - $200
16x20 - $300
20x24 - $350
24x24 - $400
24x36 - $400
30x30 - $450
36x36 - $500
36x48 - $500

Watercolors, Pen & Ink
8x10 - $20
9x12 - $30
15x20 - $125
20x30 - $200


Please answer the following questions in one email back to me
*Please title the e-mail YOUR NAME COMMISSION - (size painting you want)*
What size piece would you like?
What orientation (landscape, portrait or square)?
Please attach 1-3 photos of the subject you’d like painted! (if there is a photo involved)
Please attach or mention 1-3 images of paintings i have already done that are your favorites!
Feel free to include other notes and specifications!
1.     After i receive all this info, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice for the total.
2.     Once you’ve paid then I’ll slap you on my “to do” list!  
3.     I will do a preliminary sketch and send it back and an email, and we can chat back and forth until you just love it.
4.     I’ll send you a picture once it’s completely finished so we can talk shipping or pickup.

 There are no refunds on commissions 

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