Friday, September 16, 2011

R2D2 cake

Today is Zack’s birthday (the roomate) and his best friend surprised him with this awesome R2D2 Cake. It was so crazy well done! It was made by a a lady at Free Bird Creative Services, and her work seriously takes the cake. (Yep, I did). 

Here was what the cake looked like before:


Here is what the cake looked like after Zack’s friend’s superb driving skills.


Looks like the force was strong on this one. (two corny jokes in one post!? sorry guys). It totally looks like R2 has a little love handle now.

And what better to go with a Star Wars cake than Star Wars gifts? Aka storm trooper shirt and glowing light saber umbrella…yeeerp you heard me right. That’s going to be one excited kid next time it rains.


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