Monday, March 22, 2010

the Yellow Beast

Our new chair in addition to Alice (the pink chair).
Donated to us from people on the move.
The yellow beast is sporting a newly sewn pillow for outside,
and the stack of books are the from an awesome sale at the library,
.25 cents a piece!


Sometimes you stumble upon images on the web that make you stop and pause. These three wowed me today. I can't get over how amazing this dress is. The texture is so rich. It looks like seafood. or like a yummy organic sculpture of textile richness.
The second picture find was just plain cute and creative. I think they used post-it notes to stick to the branches, or it's photoshopped I can't tell.  I might have to steal the idea for a photoshoot. 
The third picture of the day, I stopped because of the color  ( i guess i'm into muted colors today) and the curiosity  of the picture. The photographer or camera is not reflected back in any of those mirrors...I guess because of the angle...but i expected he/she to be there so I looked. I just recently pondered buying a old ornate mirror at Olde Town. Antiques..but alas, too pricey.