Saturday, April 23, 2011

The ten of us

Thats right- I took ten pictures of myself in the hallway of Winthrop university while waiting on a couple to take their engagement pictures. The place was deserted due to easter weekend, giving me complete freedom to be downright weird. Alot has changed on campus since I went there...somebodies money bags have been pooring in because there were several new buildings, new lounge areas, fancy fountains (including one that you play in) ect ect. I wanted to see the art galleries and walk around but since I  no longer go there it's all locked without an ID. Lame. I was kinda hoping to stumble on my old art that they never gave back after I left. This little hallway is open to the outdoors and is connected to Tillman (which looks like griffindor common room). I used to dash through this hallway to microwave my tomato soup that I drank from the can because we had a 15 minute lunch break between studio classes. The cafeteria is a fifteen minute walk from the art buildings. Nice of them huh? Yep, I'll say it was pretty weird being back on campus.

But ain't this some cool student art, people!!?!?! (look between the buildings). Some awesome sculpture major made it out of cast metal, wire and fiber. I would love one for the side of our house...or the living room.

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