Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Homemade Sundried Tomato and Absinthe Pasta

Charley gave me lessons in pasta making today, I thought I’d pass them on!


1 Cup Regular Flour

1 cup whole wheat flour

Two Eggs

two tablespoons absinthe

two tablespoons water

(optional) sun dried tomatoes

Put dry ingredients in a bowl. Make a small crater in the center and crack your eggs in it. Using a fork, slowly pull the flour in from the outside. Keep mixing until you have a crumbly mixture and then switch to kneading by hand. form into a flat log and wrap in plastic wrap. Let rest for about an hour at room temperature. This relaxes the dough and you can now flatten it an feed through your pasta roller. (If you roll out by hand you will need to roll, rest dough, roll flatter, rest dough.) Then feed the dough through a slicer and hang the noodles to dry.


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