Friday, April 1, 2011

Scrugger’s Sandwich Search Series

Sandwiches: who doesn’t like them? I’m sure there are a few, but for me sandwiches are the wonder meal. Fresh food combined with bread and you don’t even need a fork. Sandwiches are pretty much what got me through college number one since our cafeteria was not so great. Art school (college number two) had a Panini bar that I visited everyday with “the sandwich lady” Ms. Dot who gave you extra cheese and bacon if she liked you ( I may have sucked up just a little).

The only time I have ever turned down a sandwich was racing through Venice Italy with my friend Anne looking for our lunch. She wanted a sandwich (Panini) and I wanted pasta. I was set on having my Italian pasta. Well, we got pasta…and I should have gotten a sandwich. In fact Europe brings back my fondest memories of sandwiches. We were on a study tour and our Austrian born tour leader made the most amazing picnic lunches. We’d park our bus and eat on grassy hillocks and city benches and enjoy artesian pastramis and hams with homemade bread and brie cheese. It doesn’t get any better than that.
SO to the point already!

I am in search of the perfect sandwich (and perfectly willing to try one or two that gets in the way.) I’m looking anywhere: fast food to artisian deli’s and fine dining. Wanna help!? Share your sandwich: review a sandwich that you think is great and I’ll share your post as part of my find. Don’t forget to send me a link of the blog post.
To start off, here is sandwich #1

The Big Dipper- Groucho’s deli


It has ham  and roast beef and melted cheese (provolone) on a white bread bun. The thing that makes this sandwich great is the Groucho’s 45 sauce, a mix of Russian and thousand island dressing that is good on everything. I like eating it on my pretzels. For some reason I always see a lot of women and pregnant people eating at Groucho’s….I don’t know what to think of this realization. This sandwich wouldn’t quite be complete without the chewy bread sensation. They microwave the bread, it’s soft at first and then gets the rubbery affect. I love this about the sandwich but it annoys some people.


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