Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Anne's landscape

I finished finally. I hadn't worked on this for soooo long and it was about time I finished it. I lost interest in it halfway through because of my composition. I still feel like it's a little "bla"....but it's finished. That's what counts. This was it in the beginning stages from this post. Juneau kindly informed me that she thought the painting was incomplete and that it would have looked better like this:

I think it looks a lot better with Juneau in the picture :). This painting lacks a clear focal point and the central diamond shaped cloud takes over. Lesson noted, next landscape, I should probably work on that. The greenery was from a picture I had taken in Tuscany at the amazing house of our tour leader. We were fed authentic homemade Italian meal complete with fresh breads and a unleavened fruit cake with berries from their garden. They owned a three part villa on the side of a mountain with a brick oven and a bedroom that opened up to the sky. Paradise in true form. My friend Anne (whom the painting is for) and I spent a happy moment napping in the grass while their donkey and goat bleated down the way.



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