Saturday, April 30, 2011

Coal Mine

Solely because I'm weird, I took a picture in the bathroom with the vanity lights on  because I always notice the triple shadow thing going on. I ended up with some creepy 1930's coal mine/ prisoner pictures.  This will have to do for my "outfit" picture for today. I did two things with the first picture that I really hate on purpose.
 a.) I hate my profile
b.) I hate when you can see my hearing aids.

So why did I take a picture including two things I hate?.  Did I get a wiff of Face-your-fears bravado today? No,  because if I had a fear of my profile I couldn't go out in public...and I'm not afraid of talking about my hearing loss to anyone. (As a disclaimer I just think my hearing aids look gross, like ear wax or something for someone who doesn't know what they are. )
I think I wanted to take a picture to expose a part of me that I don't always put in the open.  For a little reflection on Self expression: I must express my true self and not just the parts of myself that I enjoy. 

The internet, blogging, and Facebook are all very centered on putting forth your image. People create their character and place flattering pictures to represent themselves. They want to be known by the name they've created, how many followers read their statuses or ideas, how many times they've been "liked".  For some it's a relationship contest: look at who I'm with, look at how happy I am next to my spouse/boyfriend/friends. For blogging it's the same: we like to highlight the good things. Look at the cool things I can do/make. Look at my pretty house and my creative outfits. 
I say this because I am guilty of "crafting an image". I want to keep it real and this is who I am. I'll probably do a little post about  why I blog later..but for now...eyelids...drooping.

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  1. Why? Your hearing aids are amazingly sexy. TONS of guys love girls with hearing aids so do NOT get down on it!!!


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