Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baan Sawan

Charley and I went on a date to Baan Sawan, my new favorite restaurant in Columbia with not competition whatsoever. I am so in love with the food and it's not just because I'm crazy about Thai food. These guys are authentic, original and creative. 
I met the executive chef at a food show last week and he gave me a menu. I put the menu on our refrigerator and pointed at it as frequently as possible and said to Charley " date night" (complete with a small hungry baby bird impression in which I point to my mouth and squawk for extra annoyance). I think he got the point. 
The chef remembered Charley and I from the food show, so he gave us a complimentary appetizer of grilled mushrooms, shrimp and a green onion in a hot chili sauce. We also tried the spring roll appetizer. 
Charley ordered this tasty and refreshing beer with a light citrus taste.
This was my entrée : Pad Thai with organic sprouts and roasted chicken. It was so incredibly amazing that I ate more than I should of, and then ate the leftovers approximately 30 minutes after we got home because I couldn't stop thinking about them. 

This was Charley's entree: Crispy Duck Confit with peanut curry on a bed of spinach. The duck was phenomenally tender and the sauce perfect. They allow you to pick your spiciness one to five and Charley ordered a two to balance out some of the sweetness of the peanut sauce. 

 And finally we got desert. We were stuffed truthfully but ordering dessert is sorta Charley's thing since he's a pastry chef. It was fried bananas with ice cream and a chai reduction sauce. We dug into it before we took the picture so it looks a little mangled...but it was light and refreshing. A perfect finish to a completely awesome meal.
I'm no food snob by any means, but I have been able to sample food from a good many restaurants in Columbia thanks to picture taking events and I will say EAT HERE!! If there is any place in Columbia you should try- it's this place. It's better than a lot of the Thai that we've had in the big places in Charleston even. It's a pretty penny for the tight budgeted folk but well worth every bit of it. The entrées run from about 15-22 dollars. It's also a cozy date night atmosphere. the restaurant is in a little white house off of Devine (it's a little hard to see from the road). It's bright and sunny with skylights and seats only about fifty people so think quiet and relaxed. Here is their blog.

and to end, here is my hubby's picture with a gigantic fish from work. Crazy! Pardon our fuzzy pictures from the night courtesy of Charley's phone.

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