Friday, April 29, 2011

I left for one minute

Exibit A: Juneau decided the explore the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Not only did she manage to open the propped door and craw through various soap/cleaning bottles, she managed to get herself stuck behind the disposal because of the sink hose. She also licked a dishwasher tablet so I find a frantic and foaming puppy in need of rescue. 
Huskies seem to go through moments of "creative destruction" where they must tear everything in sight. We usually hide the toilet paper because although she knows not to shred it in front of us, she sneaks to find it to shred it behind our backs. Exibit B: I took a shower and she  has managed to find toilet paper, a stack of tissue paper, scatter the laundry and chew a shoe all within a short while. 
Whats your puppy capable of?


  1. oh my gosh. I've never felt wrath like I've felt at abner.

    he has a penchant for my shoes-- but only my favorite ones. and only every now and then, so we let our guard down enough to forget a pair of shoes lying on the floor.

  2. rigby never did anything naughty. HAH! [detect the drippingly heavy sarcasm] ...drippingly isn't a word, but it seems fitting, right? one of the legs of our couch is gnawed up, and more than one pair of underwear has made their way up to the front of our house...she preferred underwear...dirty underwear. i know, gross right? she knew how to get into the hamper, and you never knew if you were going to walk into your house with a friend or family member and see a dirty pair of your underwear laying on the kitchen floor.


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