Saturday, April 9, 2011

Charley and the Cake Factory

My honey made this cake on Thursday night for a wedding on Friday. It's a triple chocolate with chocolate panache  fudge cake layers and a chocolate glaze on each layer (for moisture)...covered in vanilla fondant with a cream ribbon. It's really fun watching him work with fondant, he lined our table with a drop cloth so it wouldn't stick. He uses talcum powder to smooth the cracks and while he works with it (similar to using flour while you need dough). It's rolled thin and then he picks it up on a smooth roller made of acrylic. He's very skilled at laying it on centered and not having the fondant stretch unevenly (like a pizza dough). He then cuts off the extra and does a lot of tucking, pinching and smoothing with two plastic paddles. He pushes the air bubbles out of the sides carefully, and then seals the edges with a bit of royal icing.

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