Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter and the Angry Kidneys

Easter didn’t really turn out as I had planned. I had intended to go to church with my brother and sister in law and my adorable neice…however yesterday was spent at a shoot in charlotte and I came home with incredibly sore ankles. I was having a hard time walking even while I was with the couple. I’m guessing they thought that I walked weird. Turns out, I was extremely dehydrated. Sunday morning I woke up with gigantic swollen ankles and angry kidneys. Instead of going to church I sat with my feet propped up and drank glass after glass of water.

Since I had already dress for church, this was my “Easter dress”. It’s a skirt from the Loft and an old shirt with birds on it from the Gap. I think I got it for three dollars Winking smile.  I’m not always to sure what to do in these pictures 


which I then changed into “comfy chillax outfit” with my new sweater from target and some lightweight pants from Loft that I got for our trip to Lebanon last year.




And last but least, I cleaned our kitchen in an old t-shirt. lovely huh? haha I probably should have just skipped the last part of the day but it goes to show that I changed way to much in one day and didn’t go anywhere.


Unrelated, but I really want a bunny now.

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