Friday, April 1, 2011

Fun things to do with old Paint Samples

Or new paint samples for that matter, just don’t let the guy from home depot see you stuffing wads of they’re paint samples in your purse. Do it smoothly, pretend to mull over colors and don’t take all of one swatch (someone might need it for they’re house!).
1. Make a collage: by cutting little shapes from them you have smooth bits of color to paste on things.
2. use them as labels: cut off the squares and write on them. use clear packaging tape to attach to boxes or folders.

3. Confetti: take a hole punch and get busy.

4. fun stationary: using thick yarn, prick tiny holes down the sides of the sample and lace them together with X stitches. If you have sewn several together they will fold up into a many hued card that you can write on.

5. kids crafts: let them put together squares on a paper for geometric fun

6. Modern looking print: Frame a few coordinating hues on a piece of white paper for an inexpensive pop of color to the wall.

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  1. Umm this was such a clever post! & might I add that I love the new banner and design on the side! I give you props...


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