Monday, July 18, 2011

The teeny-iney kitchen

Here is our kitchen…it’s small


If you remember the picture from before, it’s on the first wall as you walk in.


The two counterpaces are taken up by the toaster oven and the microwave, and then the coffee pot is on top of the microwave. We use the space above the cabinets for things we don’t use too often since they’re so tall. It’s not big, but it works and it’s teaching us some good habits too. If you don’t clean up your mess right after you use it, you have to next time you need a counter.  The only thing that’s super functional is the size of the fridge. We have to go to the grocery store frequently and our purchases are always filtered by the thought “ will this fit”. It means we can’t have a broad variety of condiments and things, but  on the plus side we’ll always have fresher produce.


Our little crock by the stove has waaay to many utensils in it Winking smile


Here is the garbage disposal/ official beggar:


and entirely unrelated to the kitchen, Juneau was playing Peek-a-boo underneath the blanket on the couch. Darth Sidious anyone?


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