Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The courtyard (before)

I say before because there is some major work to be done to this little part of our apartment before it can be enjoyed. The previous tenants left all kinds of trash/ junk/ bins in the right hand side of it. The air condition creates the perfect warthog watering hole and mosquito breeding ground. It is currently impossible to walk in the backyard without getting harvested by a thousand mosquitoes.


The patio furniture is broken, gross, and most likely more sat upon by dogs than by human’s. It’s getting thrown in the garbage (except for the fire pit which could use a good spray of rustoleum).


This is the other side and the gate is around the corner to the right. The neighbors satellite dish is down there, as well as some wires that cross the building. Juneau has her igloo under the palmetto tree for shade, and for not we  haven’t worked out a rain cover for the bike but we will most likely relocate it to the front porch with a chain.


The mud hole and mosquito villa:

Charley is helping me solve this problem via French drain. We went to go pick up the supplies to start this project and it started raining. I’ll hopefully post this later if we get the okay to dig a hole. Once we get some solid ground to walk on, we’ll get some sod to lay down. I’d like to put some herbs in boxes hanging off the fence ( so Juneau can’t eat them).


I’ve been gathering up idea’s off of pinterest and I’m quite smitten with these ideas:

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