Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blue Bicycle Books

This is my new favorite store in Charleston. I went on a book quest today down king street. There are several book stores, one is even run by nuns but Blue Bicycle is the coziest bookiest charmingest book store there is. Why is it so cool?


Well for starters….the blue bike outside the door (hence the name) stacked with a pile of good reads.


Their shop window pays homage to the greatest book series of all time…


The inside is quiet and welcoming, the books are well organized and there are  several different rooms to read in.


And lastly, the shop cat who is at one’s disposal for a friendly purring animal to cuddle with while you read. I dubbed her Crookshanks but when I checked out the shopowner told me she was a Purdy! who knew?


Purdy sat in my lap as I began the Game of Thrones series. It kept getting recommended to me so I’m excited to give it a try. I got another fiction for $2 as well.  I’m about to give myself a break from editing in a nice corner of the house with a cup of tea and my books. Joy!

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