Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The crazy art house


I just thought I’d share a few pictures from this crazy art house. It’s a large house in the country available as a vacation rental. It’s two stories and has a pool in the backyard. The owners weren’t afraid to cram it full of personal details and funky finds. Like for instance, they did a taboo thing and painted  a monogram on their beautiful hardwoods:


And here is a bold choice, sparkles in black paint for the living room walls. 


Skateboarders painted in the main hall bathroom


The playground outside was a pretty sweet setup complete with a swing set, slide, and pirate sign.


The pool had glow in the dark paint and lights that changed color under the water:


The pool furniture was handmade from old boards and sewn cushions in orange, aqua and red.


Instead of mulch in some of the shrub areas, they had this sea glass/ blue rocks


I wish I had snapped a few more pictures but I was busy working. They had a huge blown glass gallery suspended on one of the walls. Every room was a different Jewel tone and there were little scrolly or handmade details everywhere. Outside they had birds made of brightly colored metals adorning the lawn.

This house was completely opposite of anything I would ever put in my own home, but I enjoyed it’s boldness. The owners went with what they liked and it made a statement. Their bright colors made for a cheerful backdrop for those entertaining.

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