Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Dining Nook

The second component of our ever multifunctioning common room is the dining nook. Otherwise know as the “I stuck the dining table in the only available spot” area. It’s right behind the kitchen area so we can use the table as extra counterpace.

Notice how the frame’s aren’t really filled. I took out the old art and I’m looking for something new. I haven’t really figured out anything to go with the depressing putty color on the walls. It’s not a horrible color, it’s jus that the room gets very little natural light. I’d paint the whole apartment white if it were me. Anyone have some art suggestions? color suggestions to go with the brown?


Right now our rustic wood platter is sporting some amazing tomatoes courtesy of my Daddy’s garden. I personally think his tomatoes are the best in the whole world,  but I may be a little biased.



The landlord, for some strange reason, decided to place tiny floating shelves on the wall above the table. They are neither level, or pleasantly spaced. I stuck some stuff on them, but they add to the cluttered vibe of the room. We might be able to take them down. The speaker looking thing that you see is the surround sound. Since I moved in later than my husband, I arrived to find that he had already done some “decorating”, so now we have random speakers and wires running around every wall of the room.


We opted for a tiny bookshelf instead of a fourth chair on the side facing the kitchen to put our jars and cookbooks in.



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