Tuesday, July 19, 2011



On the way to Folly beach there are a few bridges that cross the marsh. I took some pictures before I went to walk Juneau just as the sun was setting. After a full day of work, it was a great end to the day to be able to walk with my puppy, camera and hubby. We felt like celebrating because Charley was offered the job that he very much wanted. He is now going to be a full time pastry chef working for a beautiful resort. He had to “interview” today, which means that he came in and made brioche bread, a cake, petit-fours, and a few other things which they sampled and decided on. It took him a nerve wracking 6 hours to bake everything. I’m excited that he’ll be pursuing his dream, and even more excited that he’s leaving the kitchen he was in. It was falling apart in terms of leadership, organization and direction.


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