Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bare Essentials

A long long time ago, I read Sherry at Young House love’s post on her makeup bag. It was a short post on living simply, but it’s such a good thing to recall ( and I mean, is there anyone who doesn’t get inspired by young house love?!) .  While we were in the moving process, I realized that I hang on to way to many “could be useful”s. So like Sherry, I threw away my extra makeup items with the rule that everything had to fit into one bag. I even had like 5 or  6 makeup bags so I chose the one I liked best.  There were some things that I had kept before because I thought, “what if I need something a little more glamorous one day”. Well lets face it, high school prom died with high school and I’m not your cocktail party type, I think I’m safe.


So I kept :

  1. two compacts, one with a blush, and neutral eye shadows, and the other with black and grey eye shadow.
  2. my foundation
  3. my powder foundation
  4. an eyebrow brush/ liner
  5. black eyeliner
  6. mascara ( I even got rid of my waterproof because it hurts my eyes).
  7. two application brushes.

I’m sure I have several bajillion other things to pair down on to really live under the simple living motto, but it’s a start!


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