Monday, July 18, 2011

on the open road

So this weekend was yet another road trip, full of cows…




….balloon popping…..


…magical bird seed…


and a tribe of camera wearers. (Hey, that beautiful redhead on the left is my best friend!)


All of these adventures were for shooting a wedding in Mooresville NC by a lovely bride who was full of details oriented vintage DIY wedding ideas. Here blog is here:.  . May I also give her the award for the “fastest bride ever” and doing her hair and makeup. Most of the time getting the girls to be on time is like pulling teeth as they may need two, three, four or more hours to get ready. I think it took Kat like 20 minutes, tops. It was quite impressive!

Funny story: The grooms wedding band somehow got lost before the Bride and Groom departed. Everyone was frantically searching the grass, bathrooms, and reception until someone had the brilliant idea to flip through the pictures I’d just taken to narrow down where it had fallen off. Turns out it had slipped off near the gift table and was returned to the much relieved bride and groom.

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