Saturday, July 9, 2011

Our Bedroom

Whew, finally, here’s what the bedroom looks like at our new place. We’ve been unpacking and figuring out the most functional place for everything. It’s been tricky. We realized that our under the bed storage idea wouldn’t work without some bed raisers, so we got those yesterday and have since crammed everything under the bed. Please check out the Awesome painting job they did on those windows! Yesiree who cares about the glass that you’d like to see out of, just paint right on top.



My mom and I went a few weeks ago and picked up the shelf above the bed. There's actually another one but it took charley and I such a long time to get one up that we decided to take a break before shelf two. Just picture two gorillas scratching their heads and you’ll have charley and I mulling over IKEA’s instructions. We screwed it on upside down the first time. We messed up and though there was  a stud where there wasn’t one, so now the stud is on the far right of the shelf. We are really hoping we don’t wake up one night with that cow skull on our faces.

dt<<< This is the wall facing the door to the main room, picturing our wedding photo over a pile of dirty laundry. Our photographer, Danny, printed it for us as a gift and I’d like to get a better frame for it.


We have some seriously tall ceilings. In fact the lamp below with the crooked shade….well yep that’s the one I fell on trying to put the curtain rods up. I am the worlds biggest clutz and I learned and invaluable lesson on not climbing on furniture when  you’re home by yourself (this might should have been a given). Basically I was using a chair to step down from the dresser and it gave out and I fell on top of the light that was plugged in on the smaller bedside table. The glass base didn’t break, but the bulb shattered exposing the filament. Upstairs they probably heard something like “ CRAp, Whamp, Shatter, Zap, Sizzle, OOOWWw!!”. They actually beat on the floor and told me to be quiet after that. Looove the neighbors.


Mom got us the sheepskin while we were out at IKEA (thanks mommy!). I’ve really enjoyed stepping out of bed onto it. I get incredibly happy about fluffy things…which is probably why we have a big poufy dog. Juneau sleeps by the bedside now and I usually pull her doggy bed out from under the bed since it’s so bulky. Juneau only tried to eat the sheepskin once and got a huge freak-out on my part. She’s got it now…fluffy thing on floor is off limits.


Here is the closet. I’m such a sweet wife that I let charley have like 1/8th of it there in the corner. I look like such a hog. I promise it’s just because he doesn’t like to hang too many things up. The charming aspect of the closet  is that I have to stand on a book to reach my clothes.


Here is our tiny, unglamorous bathroom. Ignore the marks on the wall from my poorly pasted together photos in Photoshop. As you can see we need to replace some of the vanity’s bulbs. We found out that they were going to leave the shower curtains, so we just clipped ours over the old one. We need some sort of shade over the window, but we’re pretty sure there’s no veiw into the room from above (okay make that about 75% sure).


This is the view in the bedroom door facing the bathroom door- it’s like a wee hallway before the bathroom begins. The mirror helps it not feel so cramped. Right now we have no étagère behind the toilet so we just stacked the towels in a basket. Juneau's water and food are in this little nitch too with a towel underneath. She likes hanging out in the bathroom because there’s an easily accessed air vent in the floor to lay on.


Let my laziness be known,  I could have taken better pictures when it was daylight but didn’t want to wait until morning. Even then the room doesn’t get much light. The staircase to the upstairs apartment goes past our windows and there are two bushes, so there’s not much of  a view.

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