Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sweet Tea Brined Chicken

Charley took some tea (regular black tea)


Chopped up some Onion and Carrots


Some celery, lemon, salt, black and green peppercorns were added in.


and cut some chicken thighs ( that we got for ridiculously cheap thanks to harris teeter. )


Then he stuck it all in a big pot overnight. The salt apparently makes the chicken very tender but not too salty. We will be grilling them tomorrow for our first minor gathering at the new place. I’m really hoping the neighbors around the corner show up because they are super sweet and I think it’d be cool to get to know them. They have two adorable dogs, a great Dane and a Australian shepherd, both of whom Juneau severely wanted to play with tonight. So badly that her collar snapped and I had to do another infamous catch the husky sprint. Luckily four blocks down there was a pizza party so the wafting smells were too much of interest for her to keep running.

Oh and did I mention that while he was making all this, he baked some croissants, and filled one with Nutella for me? Is he a keeper or what?! His croissants have become a perfected art. They come out of the oven steaming with a soft flaky butter inside and a crispy lighty sugared outside. Heaven. Sorry guys, I do hate to brag.


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  1. You make me want a croissant and nutella. Hmmm so yummy :)


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