Friday, May 27, 2011

We’s got Key’s

Welcome to where we’ll be living for the next year…our tiny apartment in downtown Charleston. Am I excited? Lets see…20 minutes from the BEACH!! Is that enough of an answer? We can walk to the grocery store (fun!), there's a park a few blocks away. There's an art festival about to happen. Settling on a place has set things in motion. Yesterday I was quite sad and worried about it all, but today I’m ready to take it on. I think that’s a sign that God’s prompting us in this direction.

Charley got a job as a baker and cook at a local bakery. I’ll be editing my fanny off for a few months and then searching for a side job…and without further hesitation, here she is:

LIving Roome

This is the large main room that will function as the laundry room, kitchen, dining room and living room (whew!). Here she is labeled for your convenience.wlables


This is the front of the building and our parking.


This is the street view if you are facing the building and looking to the right.


The front door.


If you walk in the front door and turn around, here is the kitchen:

eety bitty little fridge!


On the right of the living room is the door to the washer dryer. The door next to it is to our bathroom.


This is the view from the living room windows into our courtyard area (aka juneaus spot.) We’re thinking of just throwing her out the window when she gets too annoying.


…and this looks pretty gross but this is our closet in our’s not rust or mold, it's old paint deposit. We’re allowed to paint over it thank goodness.


The bedrooms and bathrooms are identical on both sides.


The face wall of bedroom two (window toward street).


This is the path that leads to our private courtyard.


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  1. Yayyy. So excited for you guys! I hope I can come see it in person sometime! :-)


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